I am a Chartered Psychologist based in Glasgow, Scotland, and this website acts as a central portal to explore my research and associated activities. I recently published my first book on Digital Piracy, which you can find here. My expertise lies in the psychology of music piracy, and this multidisciplinary topic has inspired mixed-methods research which has appeared in several peer-reviewed academic journals. I also write for a variety of online publications, and appear frequently in the media, including radio, newspapers, and podcasts.

My wider research interests include: Health and Wellbeing, Quality of Life, Music Preferences, Music Engagement, Identity, Youth Culture, Digital Revolution, Digital Economy, Internet, Judgment and Decision Making, Social Cognition, Beliefs, Attitudes, Morality.

I am a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a STEM Ambassador, involved in various widening participation programs. I welcome multidisciplinary research opportunities, consultancy work, media interviews, and expertise requests. I am also available for public speaking engagements.

I currently work as an Education and Research Officer at MND Scotland.





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